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Mediation & Arbitration

It is the policy of the State of Texas to encourage the peaceable resolution of disputes. This occurs through mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a forum in which an impartial person – the mediator – facilitates communication between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding between them. Almost all lawsuits in Texas are now required to be mediated before they go to trial. There is much value in mediating both lawsuits and disputes that have not yet gone to the lawsuit stage.

Lawsuits are expensive. Not just in dollars, but in time, energy and emotion. In all lawsuits, one party wins and one loses. Or both parties can lose, if expectations are not met.  Those are not good betting odds. Before trial, or even before a lawsuit is filed, parties frequently become polarized. When communication between the parties and their lawyers break down, a good mediator can bridge the differences. The value of a mediated resolution lies in enormous savings of time, money, emotion, and peace of mind.

Both Scott and Chris are fully accredited Mediators and Arbitrators. Both their Houston and Wallis offices are prime mediation centers, set under shady oak trees in a calming environment, conducive to resolution.

Arbitration (non-binding) is a forum where each party and counsel present each party’s position before an impartial third party – the arbitrator – who renders a specific award. The value in arbitrating disputes is in streamlining the process. Traditional lawsuits filed in the court system can take years to get to trial, with many delays outside the control of the parties. Using an arbitrator can take the wild card factor out of a jury verdict.

As arbitrators and mediators, Scott and Chris bring decades of valuable, real life trial and mediation experience to their role of mediator and arbitrator. They understand the litigation process, legal procedure, the law of each case; and the vagaries of jury trials – that can only be earned in the courtroom. All this lends to wisdom, perspective, and successful resolution. Why settle for less?